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If you thought there wasn't any HBCU love in the Pacific Northwest, think again! Check out this amazing video from some of Portland's very own HBCU graduates.



"My girls loved it.

Can't wait

for next year!"

-JaNeela P


"My daughter had the most amazing experience. But best of all, being surrounded by so many women and girls who look like her was something truly inspiring."


"My daughter, Ava, had a wonderful time. Your program is amazing and I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you do for the girls."

-Celese W

-Jackie W


"My baby is at the Why I Rock Conference texting me about all the fun she's having!"

-Alisha K


"Thank you so much! My daughter could not stop talking about how great of a time she had. Much love."


"Thanks so much, my daughter had a blast and is already talking about next year and how educational it was."

-Antonio C

-Tyese L


"What she learned, the experiences, the classes, and how important it is to be proud that she's a strong black young lady, and nobody can tell her any different."

-Sikita P


"I want to say thank you. The conference was amazing. Blessed both of us. Afterward my daughter was encouraged and empowered by seeing so many beautiful talented women and girls.

Your vision is a gift."


"Thank you Sherrelle for having me and all of the amazing work that you and your team are doing. I hope I made you proud! Thank you girls for listening to me! — I once was a little girl too with big dreams and now I’m a woman with a vision."

-Wesley S

-LaToya Kamara Manley
2019 Conference Keynote Speaker

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